2018 dates :)

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the weekend away a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful getting to know you all. We’re happy to announce Family Sangha London dates for the New Year. We will be meeting once a month, at our usual location in Wandsworth. There will be parallel teens and children’s groups for part of the day:
  • Saturday 6th Jan, 11-4pm
  • Saturday 24th Feb, 11-4pm
  • Saturday 24th Mar, 11-4pm
  • Saturday 28th Apr, 11-4pm
  • Saturday 19th May, 11-4pm
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Sangha Build
Some of you will remember David, who joined us a couple of months ago and helped out with the teens. David and his partner Vanessa are traveling around the world to visit, research, document, and share widely about lay practice residential communities and retreat centres in the Plum Village tradition. They are sharing stories about these centres on their website blog for others to learn about these communities. You can see their website here:  Sanghabuild.org
Wishing you all very happy holidays and New Year, and sending you lots of love.
Noah, Hannah & Claudia